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Something for the lil one on the way.

I have a nephew coming into the world any day now. This is one of three little paintings I did for the little man. Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, here come the frogs.

An Introduction: Dante’s In for Knowing Stuff

Dante\’s In for Knowing Stuff

Here is an early opener of my new creation, Dante, the smoke breathing dragon. My thought is he is just on the verge of entering adolescence, immature and childish but impatient with not knowing where he fits in his development but eager to become an adult. He doesn’t feel like a child and he doesn’t feel like like an adult and this can be isolating for him.

I expect Dante to make some minor physical changes as I learn more about building these things so don’t get too used to him. Lillian seems to love him though and that to me is a sure sign of success.