The Terrible Two-timing Toy Thief

After two toys go missing it is up to Chip Hugsalot to bring the thief to justice.

Whisper of the Pup
Short film involving a pet detective and her old partner.

Hero Farce
Short film narrated by the Turtle Pirate, Francois.

UPS Training Video #1 \Your Most Important Stop\
Helpful reminders for those who work for Big Brown.

Francois\’ Story Time at Lexington Elementary

Francois and Captain Keke read Who Will Haunt My House on Halloween at Lexington Elementary

The Butler Did It

This was done for a video contest held at Nemacolin Resort where our family took a family vacation in August for a week in the Pennsylvania mountains. We got a two night stay for our effort I think. My sister and her family used it this winter.  I got a little creative in post production.

Dante\’s In For Knowing Stuff

Here is a brief introduction to a new character of mine, Dante the smoke breathing dragon. He is inquisitive and playful, but feels like a bit of a loner due to the stage of his physical development.

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